Brand New Hampshire Casino Bid Rejected by One Vote

 Brand New Hampshire Casino Bid Rejected by One Vote

It’s very good news for Massachusetts, as New Hampshire rejects its casino bill that is latest.

It might be impossible for New Hampshire to come closer to casino that is legalizing without really doing it following a two-hour debate, the state’s two-casino bill ended up being killed down in the home the other day by one vote, just one single month after its one-casino bill was rejected by 29 votes, and 12 months after the one before that. Deputy Speaker Naida Kaen, who was simply presiding throughout the session, cast the deciding vote following a tie that is 172-172.

The bill might have paved the way for two gaming licenses for which operators would compete in a bidding process. With regulations drawn up by the Gaming Regulatory Oversight Authority, it hoped to generate $25 million in revenue-sharing for towns and towns, and a recent poll by the University of the latest Hampshire suggested that the majority of residents were in support of casino gambling.

Two gambling enterprises in full procedure would bring in $168 million for the continuing state, it’s approximated, and the Granite State needs the funds more than ever, now that its controversial ‘hospital tax’ is ruled unconstitutional, leaving a $185 million hole in the state budget.

A New Hope

It is understood that 17 representatives whom voted against last month’s bill changed their minds now, largely they supported because it was tagged onto a bill to decrimi Continuar leyendo «Brand New Hampshire Casino Bid Rejected by One Vote»